Which Number to Call?

I get it, not everyone has multiple numbers. You may be a little unsure of which number you should call. I will address the best option for you. International callers, you would need to contact your carrier to decide the best number for you to call with regards to my International Numbers.

US Callers

This is simple, you are best to call my [Cellular] Number. Every carrier I know of treats a US phone number as if it was a local call. Therefore, calling Pennsylvania from California will cost the same as calling next door. While you could call the [NANP] Number, I will likely ask to call you back if I know you are calling from within the US. This is because calls from within the continental US is 3¢ per minute, and that is a waste of money when you’re not saving resources on your end.

NANP Callers

If you live outside of the US, and your telephone number begins with +1, then you would likely be in your best interest to call my [NANP] Number. Depending on where you are calling from will depend on how much it would cost me per minute. I chosen a toll-free number to have one telephone number for the vast majority of the NANP. You would still want to contact your carrier in regards to toll-free numbers. I am not responsible for charges placed on you for calling me. If for whatever the reason – your carrier does not support toll-free numbers, then you would want to call my [Cellular] Number.

International Callers

If you live outside of the NANP, then you would need to contact your carrier to decide which of my [International] Numbers vs. my [Cellular] Number to call. Whichever number is the best should be the one that you would want to call. Keep in mind, I will not reimburse you for calls you make to me just as I wouldn’t expect you to reimburse me for calls I make to you. The reason I am not recommending my [NANP] number for international calls is some countries may not allow for such, and even if they did – we both will be paying for the call you make.