My [Cellular] Number (+1 412 682 9751) is my primary telephone number which is on e-SIM 1 of my phone. I have chosen to make this telephone number public to consolidate, and reduce resources that would not be necessary. At night, I will send unknown callers straight to voicemail. This is done automatically from 9:30PM – 6AM (local time). If you are in my contacts, you will ring the phone during this time unless I am in severe pain, and therefore – my phone will be in the DND mode.

I also have a second number, but this number is no longer provided to new contacts. Since this second number is $15/month, I find it worthwhile to keep it. With that in mind, the second cellular number rings line 2 on my cellular phone so it means I only carry one phone. This number has been mine since 2005, and there might be some people that have this number, but not my [Cellular] Number. This number was initially a Google Voice number, but when Google broke their voice service with “upgrades”, I moved the number to a voicemail service until I decided to move it to a cheap cellular line.