Why [Word] Throughout Your Sites?

These words with [ ] around them are intended to provide you with more information about that number and to cloak the telephone number (if need be). For example, my [Voicemail] Number is always public. My [Pager] Number is always private. Therefore, rather than referencing my pager number in a similar way I do now, and typing the phone number for the voicemail number, I just use a link to the page. By disclosing the number on the respective page, it would allow me to make decisions on public vs. private numbers. My [Cellular] Number is currently public, but if I was to make it private, I will just have to change a couple of pages rather than looking for the number on every single web page I have. The descriptors are as follows:

  • [Cellular] – My Primary Number to reach me most of the time
  • [Fax] – For receiving and sending faxes. This is not my preferred method.
  • [International] – All of International Numbers.
  • [NANP] – For countries beyond the US that begins with +1.
  • [Pager] – Intended for a select few people.
  • [SIP] – Session Initiated Protocol (Open Standard for VOIP)
  • [Voicemail] – Voicemail Only Number. Used for domain registry information.