Email File Limits

Every email provider has some sort of limits in the sizes of attachments sent or received. Since every company is different, I have decided to not send attachments, and instead, provide a link to a .zip file located on my .zip domain. In example, if I was to offer a link to a zip file at time of writing this entry, the file location will likely be This is basically a timestamp that is the file name. I will then include this link in the email. The recipient will then be able to select the link, and download the file.

When providing the .zip file, I will inform the person of what’s in the file. If I am including documents, I will notify what the documents are about, and likely convert the file into something that is cross-platform (such as .pdf file). If you should have any questions about the .zip file, you can always ask me. One advantage on your end of this policy is you can download the files anytime that is convenient to you. If I was to include a 25MB file in my email, your email client will likely want to download that 25MB file – therefore possibly consuming your data limit. With using a link, you can download when you are at home or work without consuming your mobile data.