While I do not have confidence in the functionality of Skype as it seems to have a lot of scam artists, I have decided to provide that as an option for my computer only. My Skype ID is fsp412. However, me using Skype is not without conditions. These are as follows:

English Only

I only speak English. If you do not know English, even to a functional level, we will likely not be able to get along. I know Skype has a translation tool, but in my experience, it is extremely buggy, and not worth much. Therefore, I will treat the chat as if there was no translation tool.

No Calls

I don’t do audio nor video calls via Skype. If someone wants to talk with me, and I am acceptable to such, we can work out a way for communication. If I was to take a Skype call, it will be audio only. I do NOT do video calls.

Scammers/SPAMmers Will be Blocked

If you are trying to scam me, or if you send unsolicited commercial messages, I will likely block you. If I block you, you will unlikely get unblocked. Simply put, I only have Skype as a convenience to other people. Most of the time, the app is not used and I do not know anyone on Skype.