Why 2 Numbers in .vcf Files?

The first number of my international .vcf files is my [Cellular] Number. When I make a call, this number will always be the telephone that would show. By having this number in your contacts, you would see it is I calling even though my [International] Number is not the number calling. Since you would see it is me calling from my [Cellular] Number, you can make a decision on whether you wish to answer the phone call or not.

The second number is the respective [International] Number. This is obviously needed as the international .vcf files are intended to provide a better option when you choose to call me. For example, if you live in the UK, you would download my UK .vcf file. You would then call my UK number to reach me. This will likely be a domestic call for you, and therefore a more reasonable rate.

My US version of my .vcf file only has my [Cellular] Number. This is because the [Cellular] Number is a US number, and doesn’t make much sense to have a “second” US telephone number.