Calling Rules

All of my voice calling options can be found on my Welcome page. There, you would find multiple PSTN telephone numbers from various countries. You would also find my SIP (aka: VOIP) resources, and you would be able to make a voice call through WhatsApp. All such options will ring my telephone which I carry with me. If for some reason you are not able to reach me, leave a voicemail message, or send an IM message. However, there are some conditions as listed below:

English Only

Unfortunately, I don’t know any other language with the exception of English. With that being said, if you can speak suitable English, you maybe able to call me. If you call me, and do not speak English, I will reply with “English Only”. If the person continues to speak in a language other than English, I will have no choice other than disconnect the call. Since I only speak English, this will apply in the event that I should get an [International] Number from a country where the predominant language is not English (such as Mexico).

No Anonymous Callers

I have yet to find an effective option with blocking anonymous callers automatically, but if you are calling, and I don’t see your telephone number, I will likely send you to voicemail. Simply put, I disclose my telephone number when I call you, and will expect the same courtesy.

Unknown Callers

If you are not in my contacts manager, I will not answer WhatsApp calls. Also, I might not answer a call from an unknown number if I am not home. This is because I don’t want to address private matters out in public. Also, no matter what, I do not answer unknown callers from 9:30PM – 6AM (local time). This is automatic, and I don’t need to remember to turn on this setting.

Do Not Disturb

When I am debilitated, in a doctor’s office, or addressing an imperative issue, I will set my phone to Do Not Disturb. When this setting is active, the only app that will make noise is the alarm clock, and my pager app. Since only a few people will have my [Pager] Number, this means that the device is not likely to go off.