Sites is my personal website. If you wish to know more about me, view my picture, or anything else directly related to me, this is likely the site you would visit. While all sites deal with me in one form or another, this is the personal details of me. is my budget site. This is different than my SSI site as a budget is imperative for anyone receiving a regular source of income. Since my SSI benefit is a regular source of income, this site exists. If I was to be a mule-millionaire, I will no longer qualify for SSI, but will still do a budget. is all of my contact information. In this site, you will find my telephone numbers, email address, and IM options. Since I have multiple options, it would only make sense to have a dedicated site to disclose this information. Most people will have just a contact page, but I want to delve deeper than just the information, but details about the information provided. is dedicated to the most frequent scams I came across. The idea is to explain the scam, and how it works. I then provide an option of how not to be a victim of the scam. However, all scams are after your money and/or personal information. Ask yourself – do I want 7 Billion people to know this information I am providing. If the answer is no, then you shouldn’t tell a stranger – no matter how much they claim to love you. is intended to help people who receives the United States’ Social Security – SSI. This amount is very low, and one receiving this program will live below the poverty line. In addition, they will not have the ability to build themself out of poverty as there is an asset limit of $2,000. With that being said, one must use their money wisely. This site will go into detail on what I think one should do, and this what I do myself.