VCF Options

I have a number of different telephone numbers for different countries. These numbers provide a “local” home phone line as well as my [Cellular] Number. For example, if calling the UK is your best option, then you would want to download the UK VCF. In all instances, my [Cellular] Number is provided as that would be the number I will always call from. Having this in my contact entry, it will allow you see it is me calling if I should return your call. The options are as follows:

My VCard, no matter which origin you choose will have my name, “Home” phone number (respective international number), [Cellular] Number, [Fax] Number, email address, condensed mailing address, and birthdate. The only difference between the options is the Home phone number which is a domestic number to that country.

If I should add any new [International] Numbers, they would get their own VCard, and made as an option here.