Call Handling

There are two types of calls. There are incoming calls (when I receive a call), and outgoing calls (when I make a call). Both types of calls will be addressed here. Some people might find some aspect of calling me a little confusing since I have multiple international telephone numbers. This page is intended to help resolve such confusion. The phone I use is an iPhone 14 Pro Max. This phone meets all of my needs, and I intend on keeping this phone until it no longer works reliably, or until it stops receiving OS updates.

Incoming Calls

No matter which line is calling (eSIM 1, eSIM 2, or SIP client), I will either answer the phone, or send it to voicemail. If the caller is unknown, or a business – I will answer with “Frank Pilone speaking“. This is intended to help you know immediately whom you are talking to. This phone number is exclusively mine, and no one else’s. If you were calling for someone else, you would have the wrong number. If the caller ID shows a person I know, I will answer with “Yes person calling“. This is to not waste people’s time. I assume that most people have things to do, and it would seem silly to act like I don’t know who’s calling.

In the event that I don’t answer the phone for whatever the reason, you would go to voicemail. At which point, you would hear “You’ve reached Frank Pilone, leave a message“. Again, this is to be simple, and direct to the point. I do have voicemail service for each of my [Cellular] lines, and one voicemail for all of my [International], and [Voicemail] Numbers. This is to assume that the caller has more important things to do then listen to a long winded voicemail announcement. With that said, the person can choose to leave a message. They should give their name, telephone number, and why they are calling. Unless unaffordable, I will return the call. If your number is showing on caller ID, and between 6AM – 9:30PM (local time), I will likely answer.

Outgoing Calls

This is simple, and straightforward. When I make an outgoing call, I will use my primary cellular line. I have some money to address select international calls, but would not be so readily to make calls outside of the country that would cost. At last check, I can call the US, Puerto Rico, Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom as a domestic call, and therefore no extra charges. Calling Australia is 1.5ยข per minute. Since all of my calls are made through my [Cellular] Phone, that phone number will show in the Caller ID. This is why my .vcf files will have both the international number (so you can call me), and my cellular number (so you can see it is me calling).