What’s a .vcf File?

Especially throughout my contact site, you would find reference to my .vcf file, or VCard. This file is intended to allow people to add one or more contacts quickly, easily, and effectively. If you have a website, I would recommend uploading your .vcf file for other people to easily add you to their contacts.

A .vcf file will include the name, telephone numbers, email addresses, websites, social network links, birthdate, and a condensed version of a mailing address. Not all of these features are required, and one could simply have a name and a single contact point. When selecting the file, your smartphone’s contact manager will open with all of the information populated. This will minimize the work you need to do, and reduces/eliminates the chances of mistakes. You as the viewer will simply select Add or Save.

If you would like to make a .vcf file yourself, and don’t have the tools to do so on your devices, then you can go to https://vcardmaker.com. You will do this on a computer, and the site will send you a file through download of your .vcf file. You can then attach this file to your email message, or upload it to your website.