Why a Toll-Free Number

In a short answer – cost, and convenience. With a toll-free number, I can have one number for almost the entirety of the NANP. This means fewer numbers in the long run. This means I have 1 number rather than a dozen numbers. With that said, one toll-free number is cheaper to own then 2 or more other NANP numbers. As for convenience, again – it is just one number. This means multiple countries can download one .vcf file. This means less work on me since it is just one number. Also, one number is simpler to remember than multiple numbers. To add to the convenience, the 4th-10th numbers of my [Cellular] and my toll-free number are exactly the same. This means, one will just have to make the effort of remembering on numbers 1-3 which is simple enough. The [Cellular] number begins with 412, and the NANP number begins with 855.

For those interested in knowing, my toll-free number is $3.95/month, and the most expensive incoming rate is 23ยข per minute for a call from Alaska. This is extraordinary high, and if I know someone in Alaska, and they were to call me, I will likely offer to call them back. Since I know no one from Alaska, I can’t test the ability to return a call without any possible rates, but I will assume since it is in the United States, and I have unlimited domestic calling, this will also include Alaska, and Hawaii.