Website Providers

Most people relies on Facebook, or Instagram as their “website”. However, these services are very limited in what you can do with them. For example, you can not have a full website such as this site on a social network site. With that in mind, I would recommend that you invest in a website if you are serious of having an online presence. Also, if you have a .vcf file, you can upload your .vcf file to your website, and make it available to anyone that you would want to provide your contact information.

Unfortunately, most people either can’t or won’t spend money on their website. With that in mind, they would likely only be interested in free sites even if it means ad supported. There are two companies I can think of. One is WordPress (, and Yola ( Both of these options are ad supported, but you won’t have to pay. You will get a subdomain as your website.

If you are interested in a premium website, Dreamhost will give you a website, and unlimited hosting of domains, and email addresses for about $15/month. You would also get an included .com/.net/.org (choose 1) domain for free as long as you are a customer. You can also use other registrars, and point your domains to their NameServers. This is the solution I use, and have been happy with them with exception of a couple of issues.