In June 2024, I have decided to reactivate my Ooma service. This means I now have a home phone number (+1 412 239 8995). Obviously, being a home phone, I will not answer the phone if I am not home. In which case, you would leave a message, and I will return your call with either using my cellular phone, or home phone. Since I have Ooma’s HD 2 DECT phones, I set my number to ring to that phone. If I was to get additional voice numbers, it too will ring to the handset. One phone is next to my desktop, and the second phone is in my bedroom.

As with any service, cellular carriers go offline, even temporary. When that happens, the home phone will work as it uses the internet to carry the call. Verizon (local phone company) will not support installing new POTS lines either for new customers, or existing customers moving. With that in mind, a VOIP service provider is the best solution for having a home telephone.